In the Know: Comfort Zone

There is often a high turnover of staff in the industry, which can make it difficult to build team spirit. What can I do to still create, and maintain, a strong sense of team?

The often high turnover of staff within a spa can make a good team spirit difficult to achieve. However, there are a few ways that this can be made easier to accomplish and I believe it starts with recruitment.

When employing staff, I feel it’s important to focus on being part of a team and for the individual members of that team to be aware of how important this aspect is to the success of the business. Asking them questions related to their experience of being a good team player will demonstrate whether the person has the ability or inclination to work as part of a unit.

Regular team meetings are essential to developing good communication and they should be made fun, allowing time for staff to feel part of the business. Sharing successes and recognising and celebrating individuals and their achievements is essential to motivating staff and ensures continued commitment from their side.

Set team targets, to develop staff’s willingness to drive towards mutual team goals, and allow them to come up with promotional ideas themselves, as this will make them feel even more part of the business.

Often management makes the decisions and the staff just have to adhere to them, being given little understanding of the reasons behind them, and why they had to be made. It’s been proven that by sharing more information about the financial situation and why it’s important for the business to turnover a certain amount of revenue – as well as engaging the team when it comes to how these goals can be achieved – you develop a stronger team spirit.

I have found that regular social get-togethers allows the team to really get to know each other, gaining more respect for one another and developing a more close-knit network. These get-togethers could, for example, be activity led, charity events or a dinner allowing new joiners to integrate faster and quickly feel part of the team.

Another strategy can be “buddying” a new team member with a strong and more experienced colleague, allowing the new recruit to settle in faster and feel more team spirit. Being led by example is essential to maintaining the team culture, even when existing team members leave and new ones start.

Sam Keegan is UK country manager for Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone. A qualified beauty therapist, she is also a lecturer and an experienced spa and leisure manager. Keegan, who has 25 years’ industry experience, joined Comfort Zone a year ago.