Irish men are fourth in world for spending money on appearance

Ireland is now fourth in the world when it comes to men spending money on boosting their looks, according to new figures. 

Euromonitor statistics show that the nation is No 4 globally behind Germany, Monaco and Denmark. Last year Irish men increased spending on getting the body beautiful over the past five years from €27.80 in 2013 to €29.80 per capita. These figures do not include hair cuts, beard trims, shampooing and body washes – just grooming treatments such as waxing.

The spending boom is being attribued to body-conscious Love Island stars and ripped sportsmen, who have all helped to boost sales of male grooming products here.

The Irish report says the trend for glistening, hair-free bodies is reflected on the hit reality show, with Irishman Cormac Murphy featuring in Love Island USA.

“For men whilst beards have been on trend in recent years, shows such as Love Island and sports personalities have sparked a growing demand for clean shaven bodies,” said the report. “This was heightened by the prolonged Irish summer in 2018 when bodies were exposed more frequently.”

The study predicted that Irishmen are expected to continue to increase their interest in looking their best.“Social norms in Ireland are expected to continue to change as society becomes more accepting of individuals and it will no longer seem unusual for males to invest time and money in improving their appearance,” it added.