Aromatherapy series: why lemon is the ultimate essential oil for detoxifying skin

Lemon is a widely used essential oil and offers an adaptable range of benefits for the skin, body, and mind, with its zesty refreshing aroma. Whether used for its purifying actions to clear the skin of toxins or for aiding mental focus, lemon is a true essential oil to be admired.

Lemon essential oil is much loved by the masses, commonly known as “liquid sunshine”. Its aroma is reminiscent of freshly peeled lemon rind, sweet and citrus, with a powerful zesty scent that ignites the senses.


Eve Taylor London’s Detox Massage & Bath OilWhy is lemon essential oil good for the skin?

Lemon is widely used within aromatherapy formulations for its detoxifying properties, making it a great option for those with stagnant fluid and cellulite deposits. Lemon essential oil has a high content of d-limonene – a natural component found within its structure which gives the oil its detoxifying and depurative actions to help the movement of toxins.

Lemon oil is also a great tonic for the circulatory system and so collectively boosts drainage of waste lymph in those with more sluggish metabolism. 

Lemon essential oil is found in Eve Taylor London’s Detox Massage & Bath Oil – a three-in-one water-soluble blend of detoxifying essential oils which can be added to bath water to instantly disperse for a true aromatic soak. It can also be applied directly to the skin for home massage or mixed into body moisturiser to enrich the skin.

Lemon oil is also well regarded for its complexion improving effects. Packed with antioxidants, it can help re-energise and boost dull and sluggish skin by refining the skin’s surface with its acidic components. 

It sloughs away surface skin cells while also imparting degreasing actions to those with congestion and overactive surface oils. These clarifying actions promote a natural radiance and glow.


Eve Taylor London inspiration diffuser blendWhy is lemon essential oil good for your wellbeing?

As well as offering many good skin benefits, lemon oil is also known for its uplifting effects on the senses and emotions. Anecdotally, lemon oil helps to clear the mind and rationalise overthinking. 

It aids decision making by providing clarity to challenging situations and assists with clearing the fog that we often experience through life’s up and downs, allowing us to think clearly and concisely.

Lemon essential oil is found in Eve Taylor London’s Inspiration Diffuser Blend – an aromatic blend for those who lack motivation or experience inconsistent thinking or overthinking. Hand blended in a synergy with clary sage, basil, and rosemary, it inspires the senses and creates an imaginative frame of mind.


How is lemon essential oil harvested?

The lemon tree is native to China and is thought to have been brought to Europe between the 12th and 14th Century by pioneering explorers who discovered its wide-ranging potential. Lemon trees produce crops all year round, appearing with a deep green shade and ripening into a bright yellow coloured fruit, with Italy, Spain, and Florida all being notable producers of this zesty delight.

Lemon essential oil is obtained through two main extraction processes – cold expression and steam distillation. The cold expression process sees the whole fruit placed into a device that mechanically pierces the peel to rupture the essential oil sacs on the underside of the rind.  

The fruit is pressed to squeeze out the juice and the oil and is filtered to remove solid fruit matter. The essential oil separates from the juice layer and is siphoned off into another receptacle leaving pure aromatic oil for therapeutic use. 

While the alternative method of steam extraction gives a much higher yield of lemon essential oil – ideal for commercial use – it is considered by many aromatherapists to have different characteristics and inferior to its cold expressed counterpart.

Due to lemon essential oil having an active nature, hydrolat produced as a biproduct of the steam distillation process is often a more appropriate choice for use on the face. 

This aromatic water boasts multiple properties of lemon essential oil but can be used directly on the skin as a refreshing skin tonic or added into cleansers and moisturisers to customise the clarifying actions without over drying or stimulating the complexion. 

Eve Taylor London’s Lemon Hydrolat (professional use-only) is the ideal accompaniment for the modern-day therapist. Its versatile actions can be incorporated into any face or body treatment by customising products for the skin condition. It can be infused on to steam towels to create a refreshing product removal or used to fragrance the room with its clean crisp scent.

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