Revealed: the UK’s top summer beauty searches

Published 20th May 2022 by PB Admin
Revealed: the UK’s top summer beauty searches

With summer just around the corner, new research from educational website Tajmeeli shows what the UK’s most popular beauty searches are in preparation for the sun. At the top of the list, the most searched question is “how to prepare for a bikini wax”, with searches increasing by 4400%.

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Tanning tips dominated the top ten searches with queries about “coconut oil for tanning” up 2000%, “coconut oil for sunburn” up 1250% and “how to get rid of sunburn fast” up 700%.

Four of the UK’s top searches involved questions about sunburn, proving that tanning doesn’t always go to plan for Brits trying to make the most of the sun.

Fake tanning questions also topped the list, with searches of “fake tan over sunburn” up 1900%, “how to prepare for spray tan” up 1800% and “does fake tan come off in chlorine” up 1350%.

The research also revealed the top summer beauty searches in the US, which vary considerably to the UK’s. Coming in at number one for Americans was “what to put on popped sunburn blisters”, which was up 5000%, followed by “signs of heatstroke in humans”, up 3950%.

Four of the top ten searches for the US were about SPF, which is a stark comparison as SPF searches did not make it in to the top ten for the UK.

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Looking at figures from Japan’s searches, “how to heal sunstroke” came in at number one with an increase of 1200%, which isn’t surprising as temperatures in Japan are frequently known to hit 30℃ or higher.

This search also came in at number one globally, closely followed by “what to put on popped sunburn blisters”, which came second in the top summer beauty searches globally.

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What summer beauty questions have your clients been asking you? Let us know in the comments…

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 20th May 2022

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