Salons could be fined up to £20,000 for serving clients free alcohol


Salons are being warned that offering complimentary alcohol to clients without a licence could cost them up to £20,000.

The message came from Staffordshire Police, who issued the warning after its licensing team discovered multiple beauty and hair salons in the county offering free glasses of wine or champagne as part of treatment packages.

The force said serving clients free alcoholic drinks without the correct licence is illegal, and could result in a fine of up for £20,000 for the business. Salon owners could even face six months in prison if caught.

Addressing salons in the county, Inspector Paul Prenter, head of Staffordshire Police’s licensing department, said: "Providing alcohol to customers without a licence is a breach of section 136 of the Licensing Act and is a criminal offence. Please ensure your business is not giving alcohol to customers. Alternatively if you do wish to continue the practice, please contact your local council." 

Policies on businesses serving complimentary alcohol to clients vary across local authorities, so contact your council to be sure you're above the law.