WSW Asia speaker on how to incorporate wellness into daily life

I believe you can build confidence through wellbeing. Finding time to stop, inhale and reset during the day is always challenging when you’re busy, but I block out “grey time” in my diary between appointments.

This is my time to step back, review my priorities and restore my balance. Daily exercise can also make you feel great, clearing the mind and contributing to better sleep. I like an early morning walk, taking some quiet time to enjoy the dawn before focusing on that day’s tasks. 

Don’t waste precious energy on negatives, don’t look back and don’t let petty things get you down. Rather than think about what you could have done better, get into the habit of celebrating what you have done well.

It’s important to reward yourself for your achievements. Too often we agree to do things when, inside, we’re secretly wondering how we’re going to fit it in. It’s normal to feel guilty about saying no, so offer an alternative instead: I can’t do that, but I could do this. 

Planning your day makes a difference and when the unexpected happens, a little aromatherapy can help restore calm. Plant essential oils can help us let go of negative thoughts and bring renewed positivity and focus. Also, create a technology-free sleep routine: run yourself a bath, light candles, and relax. Don’t be a slave to your phone, switch it off and give yourself some well-earned peace. And listen to your body: if there are warning signs, slow down, and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice. 

Lara Morgan is co-founder of aromatherapy brand Scentered, a lifestyle brand that offers wellbeing via portable aromatherapy products. Hear her speak as part of the "What investors are looking for when it comes to spa and wellness investments" panel at 11.20 on day two of the convention. See the full programme here and register for your delegate pass here.