Launched at Professional Beauty in London last month, the Spa Collection from Absolute Aromas contains a selection of face and body oils developed specifically for the spa market. The collection comprises four new oils for the face and four for the body; all hand blended using 100% essential oils. 

Options for the face include the Sensitive oil, with a blend of chamomile, jasmine, apricot kernel and the rosa mosqueta rosehip oil, and Balance – with lavender, jasmine, ylang, ylang and petitgrain. The Nourish oil draws on jojoba, avocado, rose and geranium to nurture and restore hair, skin and scalp, while Rejuvenate fuses rose, neroli and frankincense to reenergise the complexion. 

The body oils include the Bust oil to firm and tone the bust area, drawing on ingredients such as rose, frangipani, cypress and fennel and the Circulation oil – designed to relieve sore muscles and boost circulation  – with cypress, rosemary and marjoram, among other ingredients. 

The Contour oil aims to shape the body and work on stretch marks, cellulite and scars. Among the ingredients in the oil are sandalwood, patchouli, sesame and borage. The final oil in the collection is Relax, designed to calm and balance and incorporating primrose, macadamia, lavender and apricot kernel.