How to choose the best tan shades and formulas for different skin tones

With more tanning products on the market to help all clients achieve a glow, we explore the best tans for different skin tones

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[Updated] The best position to ask clients to adopt during an intimate wax

Positioning is vital in intimate waxing because if you get it wrong you can make your client uncomfortable in more ways than one. We spoke to waxing experts to get their top tips.

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[Updated] Spray tanning clients with scars and stretch marks

Spray tan experts James Harknett, Kimberly Nkosi and Jules Von Hep share the best way to spray tan clients with stretch marks and scars

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Common waxing problems and how to overcome them

As the demand for waxing services grows, we asked the experts their top tips to troubleshoot common problems waxers encounter.

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