4 common waxing problems and how to overcome them

Here are my solutions to four of the most common waxing problems that I see students and new waxers struggling with. 

1. Wax where you don’t want it

Accidental drips and dribbles on the body can be banished easily with a splash of oil. Apply generously, then either wipe with a clean paper strip or twist the hair between your fingers to loosen the wax. Repeat until all stickiness has disappeared.

2. Wax left on the skin when the paper strip is removed 

This usually happens because the wax has gone cold – either the client’s skin is too cool or the wax has been applied too thickly. To solve the problem, apply strip wax in thin, single layers to avoid build-up and work in smaller sections if this keeps happening. If the problem is due to dry skin, massage a few drops of oil into the area before applying your wax to act as a lipid barrier. 

Always ensure the skin is held taut during application and removal, especially on areas with folds such as the upper thighs, bikini line and underarms. Don’t be afraid to ask your client to help with stretching where necessary. Don’t “dab” to remove waxy residue as this is uncomfortable for clients. Lay a fresh paper strip over the top at a slightly different angle, rub briskly and remove in a single swift motion. 

As a last resort, use oil to dissolve any sticky bits, re-cleanse and start again.

3. Peelable wax won’t set

If your hot wax is taking too long to set on warmer parts of the body or in humid weather, simply dampen a cotton pad with cold water and wipe over any gummy patches to cool and harden it instantly.

4. Short, stubborn hairs

Clients should wait at least three weeks after shaving or using hair removal creams, and four weeks after their last wax, to get best results. 

To remove multiple stubborn hairs, use firm pressure, apply a layer of peelable wax against the direction of hair growth and allow to dry. Stretching the skin taut, lift and remove wax with the direction of growth in several slow, tiny wiggles, re-bracing the skin at every step of the way to stop shorter hairs popping out of the wax

 “Wax Daddy” Andy Rouillard is owner of Axiom Bodyworks men’s salon in Basingstoke.