[Updated] 11 waxing tips to keep clients loyal when you reopen

A strong waxing client base is not only essential for a reliable revenue, but can make your customers feel like part of a family. 

When performing wax treatments day in, day out, it can become easy for therapists to slip into bad routines. In such a competitive field, this is enough to drive those customers away to your local competitors.

Reviewing and updating your processes is key if you want clients to return time and time again. We speak with the industry’s leading waxers to find out their trade secrets on keeping clients committed to your salon, from reward systems and extra touches, to the right communication, and round-up the best products to help you deliver a first-class service.

11 tips from top waxers on how to nail your waxing service:

1. It’s about close communication

“Don’t forget to do a full consultation with your clients every treatment. Has their medication changed? Are they using skincare containing retinol or a high level of vitamin A, which can make the skin thinner and more sensitive? Are they allergic to sticking plasters, pine or tree nuts such as macadamia, hazelnut, shea butter or cacao?”, advises Tracey Smith, founder and director of Ashmira Botanica.

2. Train in pregnancy waxing

Adding pregnancy waxing to your repertoire is a great way to attract and retain loyal clients. "The most important factor is that your client is comfortable and the chosen treatment is suitable," says pregnancy waxing specialist Marta Zaczkowska, founder of London salon and training school The Waxing Specialist. "Leg and facial waxing can be done safely throughout most of the pregnancy but we only recommend intimate waxing after 12 weeks and up to 38 weeks in."

3. Get the temperature right

Cold rooms are uncomfortable for clients, yet high room temperatures can play havoc with your wax setting times – but there is a workaround, says Andy Rouillard, owner of Axiom Bodyworks waxing salon and training school. "If you find your wax is taking too long to set on the body, simply dampen a cotton pad with water and wipe over the top to rapidly cool and harden any gummy patches."

4. Ask loyal clients to support you online

“With the internet and social media, clients are more savvy and will look at reviews to ensure they're getting the best service. If you have great reviews that state how hygienic your service is, then they're sure to go to you as they know they're getting a clean, safe treatment that their peers can vouch for,” advises Wax:one education ambassador Kirsti Turrel.

5. Never double dip

“Double dipping is when a therapist uses a spatula to apply wax to a client, and then reuses the same spatula to apply more wax later on. This is deemed as extremely unhygienic as the ‘clean’ wax in the pot becomes contaminated with the bacteria, hair and even blood from the client that has remained on the spatula,” says Annabelle Pescaglini, product manager at Sienna X. “We recommend that each spatula is disposed of hygienically after each wax application and removal.”

6. The thinner the better

“In treatments, make sure wax is applied thinly, evenly, and at a high temperature, quickly and comfortably. This not only makes it nice and easy for therapists performing the treatment but less painful for clients,” says Jessica Kilby, waxing specialist at Australian Bodycare.

7. Charge what you’re worth

Get your pricing right. Too cheap and people will wonder why your service is priced so low, but too expensive and they will look elsewhere for a saving. Know your customer and competition in the area and price accordingly,” explains Lisa Stone, Salon System’s Just Wax educator and wax specialist.

8. Keep it clean

“All too often I see wax covered heaters and burnt old wax with pots that are swimming in a collection of spilled wax over time. Clean your heater after each client. It only takes 20 seconds to apply equipment cleaner to a wax strip and then give it a good wipe around,” advises Claire Prior, head educator and waxing specialist for Outback Organics.

9. Go the extra mile

“During a leg wax treatment, I would always remove the hair from the clients toes and feet. During an intimate wax, I would always remove any hair on the buttocks and inner thighs as well. Clients like to feel that they are special and that you’re giving them that little extra care and attention,” says Caroline Mears, a waxing expert from Waxpert, one of Perron Rigot’s educators.

10. Reward repeat customers 

Loyalty schemes are a great way to keep your clients returning, it will make them feel valued and it’s a good way of thanking them for their custom. Also, send a birthday greeting, gift or money off voucher as a thank you for referrals to make them feel special. Their holidays, life events and the names of their children are important too, so remembering them goes a long way,” says Stone.

11. Have a good range of products 

“Every therapist has their favourite type of wax, however, that does not mean that it may be the most suitable one for your client’s hair or skin type, or for the treatment that they’re having performed. Salons should ensure that they select a wax brand that offers excellent results, value and can provide them with a complete waxing solution,” says David Sneddon, operations and marketing manager for Hive.

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