[Updated] The ultimate guide to builder gel nail services

Builder gel is in high demand for clients searching for strong, natural nails. Become a pro at this service and it could quickly become your salon’s best friend. Here’s everything you need to know…

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[Updated] How to charge and make a profit from your nail art services

Many techs make the mistake of not charging the right amount for their nail art designs. We asked the pros how to create a set price list, based on time and skill, that ensures you get paid what you’re worth

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[Updated] Your ultimate gel-polish troubleshooting guide

From shrinkage and chipping, to speeding up your technique and telling clients about the dangers of DIY kits, our pros give you the answers to all the gel-polish problems you might encounter

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Hot nail trends 2024

Kezia Parkins takes a deep dive into the “cores” and “aesthetics” that will be dominating the TikTok feeds of your clients to become top nail trends of spring/summer 2024

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