[Updated] The differences between mesotherapy and microneedling

Skin needling treatments are in the spotlight as clients seek results with no downtime. This is what to consider when deciding between mesotherapy and microneedling

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[Updated] Everything you need to know about dermaplaning and the glass skin trend

Dermaplaning is continuing to grow in popularity on social media with the TikTok trend for glass skin, but how does home dermaplaning compare to pro treatments and is it more efficient than microdermabrasion?

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[Updated] Radiofrequency for skin tightening: everything you need to know

Radiofrequency is a popular skin-tightening treatment that delivers anti-ageing results. Dr Yannis Alexandrides, Dr Samantha Hills and Dr Ahmed El Muntasar explain how RF works, the benefits and treatments that work in combination

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Everything you need to know about skin rejuvenation for the body

More people are seeking skin rejuvenation treatments beyond the face, with the hands, neck, decollete, stretch marks and C-section scars being popular areas to treat with laser and IPL devices.

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