(Updated) How does "skin flooding" work?

Skin flooding is a social media trend on the rise, with 12.7k views on TikTok, and you might see clients asking about it in salon soon – so we’ve asked the skincare experts everything you need to know about how it works and who it can benefit.

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What is facial cupping?

Cupping is an alternative therapy which uses suction cups made of glass or silicone to stimulate the skin. We spoke to some of the experts to find out more about what facial cupping is, how to do it and what benefits it can have for the skin.

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How does blue light affect the skin?

Blue light is used in a number of beauty treatments to kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation, but it’s also commonly pointed to as a cause of a range of health concerns – so we asked the experts whether blue light is really bad for your skin.

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[Updated] This is how lack of sleep impacts your skin health

It's World Sleep Day: a bad night's sleep can wreak havoc on skin. We reveal how to help clients overhaul their bedtime routine for optimal skin health

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[Updated] Understanding rosacea: causes, symptoms, skincare and treatments

We asked the skin experts to explain the common symptoms or rosacea and how to treat the inflammatory condition in your beauty salon

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