The secret to delivering a flawless Brazilian wax

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Brazilian waxing has long been a popular and profitable service in the beauty industry, but to many therapists, this service is still seen as an intimidating prospect. 

In a UK exclusive, Professional Beauty sat down with Lilliane Caron, founder of professional wax supplier Waxxxpress, who revealed her 10 top tips for delivering a flawless Brazilian wax. 

Tips for Brazilian waxing

1. Have a relationship with your waxes

“To build your skills and confidence, you need to understand how your waxes work, including what waxes are best for specific skin types and areas of the body. 

“Always choose premium quality waxes. Choosing an inferior or unsuitable wax for your client’s skin type can lead to skin lifting, burning and bruising.” 

2. Each client is unique 

“Conducting a thorough skin analysis prior to commencing your treatment is imperative to determine your client’s individual requirements. 

“Consider skin tone (darker tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation upon damage), client’s age, medications, as well as topical skincare products and ingredients. 

“Each of these factors can determine skin health and elasticity and what products you should use during your treatment.”

3. Preparation is key

“Beginning your waxing service with clean, sanitised skin is essential to delivering an effective wax. 

“Use a pre-waxing cleansing spray to remove any trace of makeup, deodorant, oils and lotions.”

4. Use both hard (hot) and strip (soft) wax

“When waxing the labia, perineum, anus and male genitals, use a hard (hot) wax, such as Coconuts, which contains titanium dioxide for reducing redness. 

“Its thicker application slowly warms and opens the hair follicles, resulting in hair being plucked out by the root, not snapped. Hard wax should be removed when pliable like plasticine.

“Meanwhile, areas such as the front of the stomach down to the pubic bone are more suited to a creamy, sensitive strip (soft) wax, such as Heat Me, Spread Me, Strip Me.

“Using both hard and strip wax will not only result in greater comfort for your client, but it will also save you time and money.”

5. Consistency is key

“For best results, always make sure you are using your waxes at the correct temperature and consistency. 

“When using hard wax, hold your disposable spatula like a pencil and only pick up wax on its tip, twirling continually. 

“If it’s dripping, it is too hot, and if it’s not moving, it is too cold. 

“Strip wax should be the consistency of honey and applied thinly and evenly, spreading the wax across large areas at a 45-degree backwards angle.”

6. Don’t forget client comfort

“Particularly on sensitive and intimate areas, use a setting mist to help cool, soothe and relax your client whilst creating a spa ambience. 

Jet Set Quick Dry Wax Mist instantly touch dries hard wax, allowing for a faster, mess-free wax with no sticky gloves.”

7. Remember the “Secret Garden”

“The labia has many creases and folds that can often hide unseen hairs. Using a thicker and creamier hard wax to mould to the area will allow you to access the ‘Secret Garden’ (a Lilliane Caron signature movement) and remove those hidden hairs.

Always remove the wax here in a downwards motion towards the buttocks – never rip upwards.”

8. Use the “Platform” method

“When waxing the buttocks and anus, use a waxing strip on top of your hard wax, while the wax is still wet. 

“This provides you with the ‘Platform’ (another Lilliane Caron signature movement)giving you more control and distance between those hard-to-reach areas where hygiene is not always up to standard.”

9. Aftercare is crucial 

“Use an after waxing spray to ensure the skin is clear of any leftover sticky wax residue. 

“After a waxing service, skin is renewed and is often more sensitive and prone to irritation and ingrowns, so use a soothing lotion enriched with witch hazel to help prevent ingrown hairs and bacteria that can result in pustules and pimples.

“Remember, aftercare doesn’t finish when your client leaves the salon – a retail range is great to ensure clients are caring for the skin post-waxing and in the lead up to future appointments.”

10. Take your time, technique matters

“While you will get quicker with experience, a good Brazilian wax generally takes on average 20 minutes to complete – a Brazilian wax should never be rushed. 

“For new clients, consider making a longer appointment, as you never know what you’re going to be dealing with. Technique and up-to-date knowledge is imperative for professional results. Investing in training is essential for your salons reputation.”

Caron adds, “There are many things that impact a therapist’s ability to deliver a flawless Brazilian Wax. 

“Our goal is to empower therapists with the confidence and knowledge to deliver waxing services that will have clients returning time and time again. 

“This means using the right products, understanding how they work, knowing how to assess a client’s unique needs and having the education, movements and techniques to confidently deliver a professional service.”

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Published 03rd Nov 2023

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