How to incorporate aesthetic devices into spa treatments

Published 06th Nov 2023 by Admin

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to manage and help in the start-up of all beauty sectors, from aesthetics to salons and spas. When I began to assist in the set-up of spas, one of my thoughts was around the lack of results-driven treatments in this sector.
I had been to many spas, and they were all very beautiful and I always emerged relaxed, but why couldn’t I expect more from it?

The modern-day spa day is changing and to keep up with the expectations of our clients, we need to change too – but this doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the experience that the very word “spa” brings with it.

How to work machines into spa treatments

  • Choose your machine wisely – don’t just choose what is on trend; align it with your core values and mission, and test out as many as you need to in order to find the perfect match.
  • Have a solid marketing and launch plan. If your main client base is spa-goers, educate them about the benefits and show the level of relaxation they will still receive.
  • Always incorporate an element of massage with your machines, be it a hand and arm massage, scalp, face or feet – and slow it down.
  • Only bring in the lighting required for your machine when you need to and switch it off after.
  • Prepare as much of the machine as possible prior to the treatment to avoid unnecessary noise.

Central to the success of machine integration is client education. Our role as spa professionals is to explain the benefits that devices bring to the table while ensuring that the client experience remains at the forefront.

Even cleansing during a facial should feel like a massage – a great example is the Opatra Aqua Spectra machine, which exfoliates the skin and provides tightening with radiofrequency. The delicate process, accompanied by therapists’ skilled hands, paints a picture of technology working hand-in-hand with relaxation.

In conclusion, the incorporation of devices into spa treatments is not just a trend but an evolution. The key is to balance the attraction of innovation with the solace of relaxation.

Devices enable us to go beyond the conventional and offer our clients an experience that resonates deeply – a harmony of technology and tranquility that goes beyond the ordinary.

Melissa Mitchelmore

Melissa Mitchelmore

Melissa Mitchelmore is a beauty therapist with 13 years of experience in the industry. Her previous roles include assistant general manager and spa manager. She is currently a brand ambassador for Opatra.



Published 06th Nov 2023

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