[Updated] Spray tanning clients with scars and stretch marks

Spray tanning can be a great way for clients with stretch marks and scars to minimise and disguise the appearance on their skin.

James Harknett, global creative consultant for tanning brand Fake Bake and the Away Spa at W Hotel in London's resident tanner, shared how prep is the best way to ensure good coverage on clients with stretch marks and scars.

"During my 17 years in the industry, I’ve tanned more than 15,000 people and have found that a spray tan is by far the best way to even out and disguise scars or stretch marks.

"An overall golden glow helps to disguise the difference in colour where scaring is but to get it right you need to do the correct prep work. Before starting the treatment, apply barrier cream to scars with a cotton bud to stop these areas appearing darker after the spray tan, as solution will stick to dry skin. This will also stop over-absorption on any scaring."

Harknett reccomends building up the tan during the treatment, as opposed to going straight in with a darker shade, sharing that "Layering the tan is another way to help disguise stretch marks but use a warm, subtle colour as opposed to a dark hue for the best results."

Can a spray tan fully cover stretch marks and scars?

"Many clients ask if a spray tan will completely hide stretch marks. Unfortunately it doesn’t, but the formula will cover the skin, leading to a much more even tone and appearance." says Harknett. "There are even things clients can do at home with self tan to evenly disguise scars and stretch marks. For example, non-committal wash-off tans are more effective than DHA wear-off ones for covering stretch marks because they’re more cosmetic and can be used like body make-up, adding more where it’s needed."

Remind you clients stretch marks are natural.

Celebrity spray tan artis Jules Von Hep added that it's improtant to remind your clients that stretch marks and scars are not something that need to be covered, and that using tanning to reduce the appearence is a personal choice.

"I’m a firm believer that stretch marks, or as I refer to them babe marks, shouldn’t be covered up. They’re deemed by so many as a negative thing where as they actually show a history in your body, a journey you’ve been on."

Von Hepp shared how he boosts clients' confidence when it comes to stretch marks and scars. "I remind my clients that they’re beautiful. A spray tan is not double coverage foundation, it works with your skin tone and your body. Embrace the skin you’re in!"