[Updated] The best position to ask clients to adopt during an intimate wax

Published 19th Sep 2023 by PB Admin

Positioning is vital in intimate waxing because if you get it wrong you can make your client uncomfortable in more ways than one – pain as well as embarrassment.

It can also leave the therapist unable to reach all the hairs that the client expects to be removed during a bikini wax or Hollywood wax treatment.

Best positions for intimate waxing

"The most difficult and awkward hairs to reach are those around the back," says Rebecca Dowdeswell, owner of the nkd ( ) waxing and beauty salons in Nottingham and Leicester.

"Therapists are often taught to flip the client over and get them on all fours, but at nkd ( ) we use a different technique."

Dowdeswell explains, "In Brazil, the nation which invented the Brazilian wax, you’d rarely get turned over on to your front because this pose can make the client feel exposed and vulnerable.

"Instead, we ask clients to adopt the 'backward roll' position – where the client lays on their back hugging their knees to their chest."

This allows the client to stay lying on their back for the duration of the wax, which is far more comfortable, and gives the therapist good access to those difficult-to-reach areas.

"For clients who are less flexible, we ask them to lift each leg up in turn," Dowdeswell adds.

"Occasionally we will ask a client to turn over onto all fours, if, for example, they have mobility issues or are pregnant.

"Also, if the client has a lot of difficult-to-reach hair around the back, which you can’t access with them lying on their back, turning them over may be necessary to make sure you reach every hair. 

For this reason, Dowdeswell does generally get men on all fours for intimate waxing, but not women.

When asking clients to change positions, maintaining their modesty is key to keeping them comfortable. 

Make sure you cover the client while they are changing position so that they don’t feel too exposed,” explains Olga Lampard, head trainer for the UK at waxing brand Italwax

“Explain what you expect them to do and gently guide their body.” 

Lampard also suggests an alternative for both male and female clients: the “diamond” shape.  

Ask the client to lay on their back, putting their heels together, and pull the legs a bit up to create the diamond shape in between the legs – making sure they relax and move their bottom down).

This position enables you to work on both sides of a bikini wax at the same time.

Lampard agrees with Dowdeswell on the usefulness of the “backward roll” position: “For the perianal area, I like to ask the client to pull their knee up to their chest, client automatically stretches the bottom and give you great canvas to work on. 

Tips for intimate waxing 

When performing intimate waxing it’s important to be patient, kind and understanding because intimate waxing is very personal, especially when it’s a client’s first time. 

Make sure your client feels comfortable, and always respect their modesty by covering them with a towel before and after treatment.

The way you interact with clients can really impact their experience – here’s how to make clients feel comfortable during intimate waxing.

Lampard explains, “Be confident – clients will trust you more and relax when they see your confidence in what you’re doing. 

“Always pull your patches off quickly with confidence and precision, using breathing techniques to distract the client.” 

Lampard also advises not repeatedly apologising to clients during the treatment: “Never say sorry because the truth is that intimate waxing is going to hurt!”

However, if a client feels awkward or uncomfortable, always empathise and be understanding. “Use a calm voice and explain that many of us have gone through this at some time in life,” says Lampard. 

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What is your preferred position for intimate waxing? Let us know in the comments…

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 19th Sep 2023


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