The best position to ask clients to adopt during an intimate wax

What’s the best position to ask clients to adopt during an intimate wax to reach those difficult areas?

Positioning is vital in intimate waxing because if you get it wrong you can make your client uncomfortable in more ways than one – pain as well as embarrassment. It can also leave the therapist unable to reach all the hairs that the client expects to be removed during treatment.

The most difficult and awkward hairs to reach are those around the anus. Therapists are often taught to turn the client over and get them on all fours, but at my salon we use a different technique.

In Brazil, the nation which invented the Brazilian wax, you’d rarely get turned over on to your front because this pose can make the client feel exposed and vulnerable. Instead, we ask clients to adopt the “backward roll” position – where the client lays on their back hugging their knees to their chest.

This allows the client to stay lying on their back for the duration of the wax, which is far more comfortable, and gives the therapist good access to those difficult-to-reach areas. For clients who are less flexible, we ask them to lift each leg up in turn.

Occasionally we will ask a client to turn over onto all fours, if, for example, they have mobility issues or are pregnant. Also, if the client has a lot of hair above the anus which you can’t reach with them lying on their back, turning them over may be necessary to make sure you reach every hair.

Rebecca Dowdeswell is owner of specialist waxing salon nkd ( ) in Nottingham, which won Professional Beauty’s Beauty Salon of the Year: Midlands 2016 Regional Award.