All about the mother

With residential packages and a crack team of specialists, Mermaid Maternity Retreat uses wellness to ease the path to motherhood

With the evolution of ever more complex wellness retreats, the line between medicine and spa is becoming increasingly blurred. While it doesn’t advertise itself as a spa, and indeed has no hydrotherapy facilities, Mermaid Maternity Retreat has carved itself a new niche, offering everything from massages and pedicures to breastfeeding workshops and baby osteopathy.

The members-only retreat opened its doors on Kings Road in London’s affluent Chelsea in late July and proved an instant hit with the areas well-off mothers. Yet founder Nick Balfour is adamant the retreat is “not just about pampering for rich people” and is a model that can be repeated in towns across the UK. In fact he is already on the hunt for three more sites in London, with a nationwide roll-out to follow.

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