Amy Childs takes on 3D-lipo in her salon

Reality star and salon owner Amy Childs has taken on the 3D-lipo machine in her salon after trialling it and achieving significant inch loss.

Childs, who runs Amy Childs Salon in Brentwood, Essex, dropped a dress size and three inches from her waist with 3D-lipo. 

She will now introduce a 3D-lipo clinic within her existing salon, which will launch on March 17.

Childs said, “I had heard of 3D-lipo and wanted to see how it works, and just after a couple of sessions, I actually started to notice a difference – it’s incredible! The sessions are not long or painful either, so when I leave the clinic I can carry on with my day without having to worry about recovering….I Loved the treatment so much I have now decided to introduce 3D- lipo to my own clinic!”

Amy attended the two-day 3D-lipo training course with her salon manager Hannah and both are now qualified to offer 3D-lipo to their clients.

3D-aesthetics already has a strong celeb following. The medical version of the machine, 3D-lipomed, is used in The Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton's eponymous London clinic.