Ask the Experts: Ewa Griger


Our regular “Ask the Experts” feature of the magazine allows you access to industry experts being asked an array of questions about every area of running a successful salon or spa business.

This month Professional Beauty speaks to Ewa Griger, senior market research analyst at Klinegroup, on what treatments your spa or salon could introduce to attract male clients:

“For salon owners looking to attract a male client base, it would be advantageous to focus on acne treatment, particularly for young men between 18 and 25. This is a group of consumers in the UK that lately has been spending more on acne treatment products. We can relate this growth to the global trend embraced by young males for having a good complexion. While in Asia young men are beginning to wear foundation or BB creams, young males in the UK are more cautious about their skincare. However, just by showing a concern for their skin condition, this consumer group is a positive hope for the future growth of the industry.”

This is an extract from the April issue of Professional Beauty magazine featuring all the latest industry news, tips and advice, essential to keep your business at the forefront of the market.

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