Average parent paints daughter's nails from age three

The average British parent allows their daughter to have painted nails under the age of four, according to research from nail product subscription service Nailbox.

Three years and nine months was the average age at which parents start painting their children's nails. Though the average parent believes eight is actually the ideal age for their daughters to begin using nail polish.

Nailbox conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into how parents allow their children to interact with beauty products. 2,186 British parents around the UK, all of whom had at least one daughter between the ages of five and ten, were surveyed about their rules on nail polish use.

All respondents were asked at what age they did or would start allowing their daughter to wear nail polish. Most said they allowed their child to wear nail polish from three years old. However, when asked what age they would ideally like to wait until before painting their child’s nails, the average result came out at eight years old.

All respondents who had already painted their child’s nails at the time of the survey were then asked why they did so. The most popular reason was “because they look cute” (54% of respondents), but others included “to encourage her to stop biting her nails” and “because she wanted her nails painted”.

When asked whether they allow their children to leave the house with their nails painted, 63% said yes.

The most popular colour choices chosen by parents were pale pink (22%), pale purple and neutral colours, whereas the most popular colours kids choose for themselves were green (17%), yellow and red.