Award wins boost salon and mobile therapist revenue

Salons that win awards see an average increase in revenue of £680 per month, according to new research by Babtac. Likewise, mobile therapists with an award win to their name said their earnings grew by an average £250 per month.

The beauty industry association surveyed 758 beauty professionals, a mixture of mobile therapists and salon-based, of which 34% said they, or their business, had entered industry awards schemes in the past.

The key motivation behind entering awards schemes was wanting to prove the skills of the therapists, using the award as a selling point to beat the competition, and to help bring in new business.

Those respondents that had won awards revealed their earnings as part of the research, with 98% stating that earnings had increased following the award win. More than half (51%) of the award-winning salons or mobile therapists increased their prices following an award win, and just 8% of those said that had a negative impact on their business.

Colin Webster, general manager of Babtac, said, “Going for an award is certainly a great way to shout about your quality and standards, and of course helps in achieving recognition where it’s due. A boost in reputation clearly offers an even better benefit to the bottom line.”