Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology review

Claudia, Marketing Exec

Friday 1st August Chloe and I were invited to TheUrbanPitStop – Cucumba Salon in Soho, to try out the Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology, the revolutionary machine that helps the skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin and hydration, resulting in a younger, refreshed and brighter skin.

We arrived at the salon and the treatment process was explained. I was the first to receive the treatment - I lay on the bed and as I wanted to focus on my face and neck (the treatment can be applied anywhere on the body), I took off my necklace and relaxed in the therapist’s hands.

My face was deeply cleansed with Dermalogica products and a mask was applied, goggles were then placed over my eyes to protect them from the light and then Beauty Angel ELT was switched on and placed over me. I relaxed for 20 minutes under the light, feeling as if I was lying on a beach in the sun.

After 20 minutes the therapist removed the mask from my face and applied a toner and a moisturiser. After just one session my skin felt energised, refreshed and brighter.


Chloe, Marketing Manager

After spending 5 days a week in the office with my eyes largely glued to the screen, I jumped at the chance of sampling this treatment. From the moment we walked in the door at Cucumba, Claudia and I received a warm welcome and the relaxation began.

Cat Quigley from @BeautyAngelUK explained the treatment and I was very keen to discover if it really did make my skin feel refreshed. The first stage was a facial with Dermalogica products – asked if I was ok with the therapist using these products, my answer was of course  - ‘Yes!’ Feeling fresh & clean the light treatment then began. As the light got brighter and brighter, I fell into a state of peace. After 20 minutes I felt extremely relaxed and at ease in myself, with my skin feeling revived and cleansed, I was totally refreshed as promised, stress free and ready to go back and face the office again!


The Low Down

The Beauty Angel ELT is a safe, non-invasive therapy that uses no lasers, injections or surgery. Unlike any other light therapy product, ELT delivers a broad spectrum of light of 570 – 850 nanometres, instead of selective wavelengths; several spectral ranges are applied at the same time, which means that light induced skin rejuvenation is more effective.

Optimum results are achieved with 2-3 sessions a week over a 2-3 month period, dependent upon the age and condition of the skin. Longer-term clients can see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, age and pigment spots fade, and it can have a positive influence on hair and nail growth, bones, muscles and tendons. 


Beauty Angel will be exhibiting at Professional Beauty North, on 19-20 October 2014 at Manchester Central, where they will be doing demonstrations on the machine and you can book your 15 minutes session by emailing

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