Beauty always begins within

The foods we consume are vital to our well being, looking healthy and radiant. Deficiency in certain vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements can have a negative impact on our skin, hair and nails as well as our metabolism. This can impair our ability to burn fat, making us feel tired and even age us prematurely.

RejuveMe’s EverGreen is a new plant-based beauty supplement specifically formulated for active women over the age of 30. EverGreen, falls into a new range of beauty & wellness supplements that include Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir, the Beauty Molecule and Imedeen.

EverGreen is rich in vitamins, minerals, EGCGs, polyphenols, antioxidants and L-Theanine replacing the need for any other supplement. It is the perfect complement to a healthy and active lifestyle. EverGreen gives key nutrients that are the building blocks for healthy looking skin, hair and nails whilst combating tiredness and importantly signs of premature ageing.

The ingredients of EverGreen are truly nature’s gift to help us defy our age and complement existing beauty regimes and treatments.

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EverGreen contains Matcha Green Tea, Spirulina, Pine Bark Extract, Barley Grass and Stevia leaf.  

Dr Lakhveer Manku, the founder will be presenting at the Professional Beauty London, on 22-23 February 2015 at ExCeL London. Fore more information and for tasting sessions, visit them at stand S47. Free tickets to the show are available here.


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