Bliss Beauty wins problem skin results comp

Bliss Beauty Retreat in Elgin has taken first prize in iiaa's Before & After photo competition after submitting impressive client results from the distributor's new Advanced Nutrition Programme problem skin supplement Skin Accumax.

The client in the winning images had dry, inflamed skin for many years and was developing skin pustules with increasing frequency. Her skin has now been clear since October. 
Skin Accumax before and after
Bliss Beauty Retreat owner Wendy Edge said: “Catherine didn’t want to take the Roaccutane recommended by her dermatologist because of the side effects. This advice coincided with the launch of Skin Accumax so we thought it was worth a try. She took two capsules a day and and within three weeks there was an improvement. She’s absolutely delighted and is confident to go out and about again.”

Advanced Nutrition Programme brand manager Lorraine Perretta (left in top pic) and training direcot Tracy Tamaris (right in top pic) presented the prize, a voucher for £1,000 worth of iiaa products, to Edge (centre in top pic) for the best pair of results photographs.
Perretta said: “The incredible results we saw from all the entrants clearly demonstrate the capacity for supplements to make a real difference to clients’ skins. Everyone told us that Skin Accumax has worked for people who have had long-term skin problems and tried many other treatments with limited success until now.”