Consumers unaware that out-of-date make-up could cause skin problems

73% of women fail to look at the expiry date on their make-up, according to a survey by Debenhams.

Following the news that three quarters of UK consumers are using suncream beyond its use-by date, new research shows a similar level of women using old make-up.

Using out-of-date make-up is problematic as issues such as eye infections, skin rashes and breakouts can arise. Old make-up is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and prolonged use could encourage migration onto consumers skin. 

The retail giant also found that over half of British women keep their make-up beyond the recommended use-by date in order to avoid waste. Debenhams spokesperson Lisa Brett said, “An out-of-date product will not give you the results it once could, and it may leave you with problems. If your makeup is past its best, it's a false economy to keep using it until it's all gone - it's not worth the issues it could cause.”