Creating beautiful brows

By Tskenya Sarah Fraser, Professional Beauty intern

Eyebrows have the ability to drastically change the face. So making sure your clients have the right shaped eyebrows is crucial. Different brow styles suit different facial profiles. Here are few tips to follow when working with varying face shapes.

square faces



Square faces

A square jaw emphases the sharpness the face, so shaping  softly rounded brows will help balance out the symmetry of the face. Make sure that eyebrows are not overdone, and that they remain of a medium thickness. It is also necessary to keep in mind that brows should not appear too round, as this shape is unflattering to the squarer face.




round faces



Round faces

If your client's face is round, you want to make sure that eyebrows remain angular, to equalise the lack of definition often found in rounder faces. Shaping perfectly angled brows for your client will help accentuate her facial bone structure. These angular brows will complement the client's cheek bones, making them a focus point on the face.



long faces



Long faces

When working with clients with longer faces, make sure the tails of the brows extend beyond the corner of the eye, as this will create the illusion of a longer horizontal profile.  Many people make the mistake of stretching the tail of the brow out too far, which can make the eye look droopy. To avoid this, do not allow the brow to extend for more than 3mm past the corner of the eye.



heart faces



Heart-shaped faces 

Those with heart-shaped faces have petite jaw lines. This places greater emphasis on the upper portion of the face drawing the eye upwards. Therefore, it is important to keep brows exceptionally well groomed, as the upper profile of the client will always be the centre of attention. Finding that middle ground between a fuller and thinner brow will help create balance.




oval faces



Oval faces

Many different styles of eyebrow will suit this face shape, so ask your client what kind of shape they are looking for. If they have no particular preference, shape them a pair of perfectly arched eyebrows, extending the tail out to the edge of the eye socket.





When it comes to the general maintance and styling of eyebrows, remember these three tips:

Know the stopping point: Experts agree that to create perfectly shaped eyebrows you should make sure tthey end at the same place as the brow bone. If eyebrows are cut to be any shorter than this, they will look odd and may leave your client disappointed.

Step away from the tweezers: Try not to overpluck your clients' eyebrows. Advise them to only tweeze once every three weeks, to avoid skin irritation and stunted growth. Also remind them that if they do choose to pluck their eyebrows after treatment, they should only pull out one hair at a time to avoid small pimples appearing.

Lighten up: A lot of women use eyebrow pencils in entirely the wrong shade, usually going too dark making eyebrows look unnatural. A good rule is to go with a colour that's a shade lighter than your client’s hair. Recommend that they keep this in mind when maintaining their eyebrows on a day-to-day basis.