Eclipse Specialists make IPL machines more affordable for salons







Eclipse Specialists is offering a new scheme make IPL machines more accessible and cost-effective for salons.

With a deposit of £6,200 (including delivery and training), professionals will receive an IPL machine loaded with 10,000 shots, then can simply acquire new shots for the following prices:

10,000 shots      £899

6000 shots         £809

3,000 shots        £529

1,000 shots        £229

Each treatment to use the following number of shots:

SMALL AREAS                   6 SHOTS

MEDIUM AREAS                60 SHOTS

LARGE AREAS                   180 SHOTS

Once the salon has purchased 30,000 shots, users can decide to pay a surrender value of £3,200 and own the machine outright including all future shots. A service contract can then be acquired or alternatively pay on demand for service. or choose not to pay the £3,200 and instead continue to buy the shots.

To take advantage of this deal call Eclipse Specialists on +0044 01202 802 939 or via the online contact form here.