Ecolite and RégimA join forces to enhance effects of IPL

Ecolite IPL and cosmeceutical brand RégimA have formed a partnership in an bid to enhance the effects of IPL treatments with advanced skincare.

The brands will enocourage their salon and clinic accounts to use RégimA products during and after Ecolite IPL treatments for a range of skin conditions. 

Ecolite marketing director Susan Jaffer said: "IPL is widely acknowledged and scientifically proven, so the introduction of a scientifically based skincare brand can only add to its effect and deliver even better outcomes for the client,” said

Jaffer added: "This association makes perfect business sense. Beauty businesses can enhance their services and benefit commercially by improving treatment protocols and retailing RegimA for as part of an aftercare programme."

To mark the partnership, the brands will host an evening event for beauty professionals at Moran Hotel in Chiswick, London, at which they will demonstrate the benefit of this collaboration. Tickets are £10 from Susan Jaffer via Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.