Facilities and service top priorities for spa goers

Image: Thermarium

Quality of facilities is the main factor that attracts people to choose a particular spa, closely followed by good customer service, according to a consumer survey by UK-based The Good Spa Guide. 

The survey, conducted in November, found that great facilities, including pools and experience showers, is a propriety for 93% of spa-goers. 

This was closely followed excellent customer service, which was ranked as an important factor for 85% of respondents. 82% said being well looked after was a priority at a spa. 

The majority, 82%, of participants said they go to spas “to get some down time and unwind”. Beauty ranked far down on the list of priorities, with only 11% stating that they go to spas “to look good”. 

Massage was the most popular treatment with consumers, with 93% saying this was a treatment they went to spas for. The next most popular was facials at 65%. 

The survey also found that men like to spa with their partner – 60% of male respondents said they enjoy spending time with their other half in the spa. 

However, women prefer to have me-time in the spa, with only 18% saying they choose to have a couples’ treatment. 

Poor customer service is the aspect most likely to ruin a spa goer’s day, ranking as the number-one peeve, with 89% of survey participants saying it annoyed them. 

High noise levels came in a close second, with 88% naming this the factor as one that's likely to put a dampener on their spa day. 

Daphne Metland, founder and managing director of the Good Spa Guide, said: “Customer service is key; ensuring the guest is always right and trying to maintain their comfort at all times is essential. Noise pollution in spas is also a frequent problem and, as we see from the survey, something that is noticed by the public."

More than two thirds of spa-goers said they have a favourite spa that they are loyal to.