First PB Belfast draws business-focused buyers

The first Professional Beauty Belfast exhibition attracted serious buyers when it took place at La Mon Hotel on April 12.

Designed as a regional show with small stands and a strong networking focus, the exhibition welcomed 1,160 professional visitors.

Exhibitors were happy with the quality of visitors, commenting that they met many people who had not previously made the journey to attend the Dublin shows.

Airbase director Lloyd Naake said, "We’ve opened quite a few accounts. It’s been a well marketed show with a steady stream of people all day. We will be back in Belfast in 2016."

The smaller size of the show also allowed for more serious conversations. Maria Lendaro, owner of Lycon Wax Distribution Ireland, said, "We have obtained lots of good new leads and enquiries to follow up after the show. The visitors have been very business orientated, all trade and no time wasters. While numbers may have been less than other shows, the visitors have been quality and trade – it’s been a very positive day."