Free parking could benefit high street salons

High street salons could benefit massively from offering free parking. Small businesses in the market town of Cardigan in West Wales have reportedly experienced a 50% increase in sales following the vandalism of the town’s parking meters, leaving the local council with no option but to allow visitors to park for free.

Parking meters in the town’s car parks have been rendered useless after damage caused by thieves as the local council struggles to find the funds needed for repairs. But from the point of view of local business owners, the incident has led to a huge increase in sales reported across the town as both locals and visitors take advantage of free parking and spend more time shopping and browsing without having to rush back to their cars. Some local businesses have even reported an increase in sales of up to 50%, with the town far busier and more thriving than in recent years.

Taking a cue from Cardigan, high-street salons could benefit greatly from implementing cheaper or even free parking as a way to encourage more local business or allow clients to enjoy add-on or longer treatments without having to worry about the money they are spending on parking meters.

Hilary Hall, chief executive of the National Hairdressers Federation, believes that this is an example of how removing rigid parking restrictions in town centres could provide greater opportunities for smaller businesses: “The high street sits at the heart of many towns and salons in particular have a dominant presence here. Clients can visit a salon for a number of hours and they will certainly enjoy their experience more if they know there’s no need to rush back.Free or cheaper priced parking means more visors to the town center, more customers for local businesses and a more convenient shopper experience for local people.”