Germaine de Capuccini develops first biodegradable packaging

Skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini (GDC) has developed what it claims is the first complete biodegradable and compostable beauty product container, following a three-year project.

The Biotube Cosmetic uses raw materials from agro-food origins, Which GDC says can completely decomposed into organic matter within six months, compared to the 400 years it takes plastic. 

The product was a joint venture between the skincare brand, packaging manufacturer Petroplast, raw materials producer A. Schulman, and technology institutes AINA – AIMPLAS and received €1million (£786,000) of funding from the Centre for the Industrial Technological Development, and the European Regional Development Fund.

Carole Jones, managing director of Totally UK, which distributes Germaine de Capuccini in the UK, said, “There is a real growing awareness of environmental sustainability and certainly our end consumer wants to recycle and lead a greener way of life where possible. Germaine de Capuccini was the first skincare house to be certified carbon neutral through their whole manufacturing process; they have worked hard in many areas that other companies appear to ignore completely.”