Habia Skills Academy launches Skin Cancer Awareness campaign

The Habia Skills Academy (HSA) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer among industry professionals in the hope they pass on guidance to clients.

The Skin Cancer Awareness campaign aims to raise awareness of the signs of skin cancer among educators and salon and spa professionals, who are well placed to notice skin changes and provide information on where to seek medical advice.

The HSA, in collaboration with partners, including founder sponsor VTCT, is developing guidance and materials for businesses and learning providers, including:

• Leaflets from the British Association of Dermatologists and the HSA
• A smart phone app
• A Learning Support Unit, to be used to teach learners about skin cancer
• A window sticker and posters.

The campaign was originally proposed by Siân James MP, who chairs the Parliamentary Melanoma Taskforce. She will continue to spearhead the campaign.

James said: “Professionals in the hair and beauty sector can play a key role in spotting the signs of skin cancer as they see peoples’ skin all the time.”

Skin cancer, or melanoma, is one of the fastest growing cancers among young people in terms of incidence, and yet can be effectively treated if caught early.

For more on the campaign, or to download the app, see www.habia.org/hsa/skincancer