Half of women embrace natural beauty on holiday

Around half of UK women embrace their natural beauty on a trip abroad, according to a new poll conducted by online travel agency Sunshine.co.uk. 

The study, which surveyed almost 2,000 women, found that as many as half of female holidaymakers embrace their natural look on a trip abroad, with many admitting they don’t even take make-up when packing to go away.

The research into the behaviour of British holidaymakers suggested that many beauty routines go out the window because women are more likely to be themselves on holiday. The study found that of the women surveyed, 62% are more likely to “let go” while on a sunshine break, with the majority revealing this was because they weren’t likely to bump into anyone they knew, so they didn’t need to try as hard with their appearance. 13% of women however, admitted to wearing make-up all day, every day on their last holiday aboard.

When it comes to beauty routines at home in comparison, 91% of those taking part in the survey said they wear make-up daily in the UK. And while 82% of women style their hair every day at home, only around 75% will on holiday, with a quarter leaving it to fall naturally for their entire holiday.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of the travel agency said, “As most time on a holiday overseas is spent around or in the pool or sea, it seems a waste to put make-up on; particularly as it's so hot and it might not last.”