Harley Street clinics failing to dispose of medical waste safely

Westminster council has issued a public safety alert after medical waste including syringes and blood-filled tubes was found dumped on the pavement by Harley Street clinics.

The alert came after council street wardens in the area found refuse bags punctured by used syringes. Other items found include used drips, bloodied tissues and a bag of pig heads.

Two Harley Street clinics have already been successfully prosecuted and five more are being investigated by the council. One of the clinics that was successfully prosecuted, and fined £1,015, was the London Neurology and Pain Clinic at 100 Harley Street. The identities of the five clinics currently being investigated are not known, but they could be aesthetics clinics.

Councillor Ed Argar of Westminster City Council said, “With all the waste collection services in Westminster, there is no excuse for not doing the right thing and disposing of rubbish correctly.”

Though Harley Street has always been a prestigious address for medical practitioners, this illegal and dangerous disposal of medical waste could damage consumer confidence in the street’s clinics if it persists.