Hive outlines plans for LDN:Skins following acquisition

Hive of Beauty has outlined plans to grow tanning brand LDN:Skins internationally and nationally, following its acquisition.

Hive bought LDN:Skins from Lena White in June. Lena White itself was sold to Coty in January, which led to the distributor’s decision to focus on nail brand OPI and sell LDN:Skins.

LDN:Skins is currently in 300 spas and salons in the UK and has international exposure in Australia and on Canyon Ranch cruise  ships. Since buying the brand, Hive has launched LDN:Skins into Poland and Hong Kong and signed deals with Aston & Fincher and Capital Hair & Beauty in the UK to sell the range via a combined 60-plus outlets.

Hive chief executive Chris Woodhead said, “Lena White has invested heavily in market research and brand development for LDN:Skins, so we have huge confidence in its quality and how it will perform in this growing market.” Hive will market the brand to consumers through PR company Eden CanCan, as well as giving it exposure at exhibitions and selling it through its mail order company Your Salon Store.

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