Holiday returns

Jeremy Smith, director of Bath-based spa design and management consultancy Blue Spa & Leisure and spa products supplier The Natural Spa Factory, on how spas can successfully drive Christmas sales

The wonderful hot summer, spent playing with my children on the beaches of Cornwall and trying my hand at paddleboarding already seems to be in the dim and distant past.

As we head into the UK autumn, with woolly jumpers at the ready and fireplaces dressed in anticipation of the first cold spell, our lives are dictated by the weather and the inevitable panic caused by the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner.

For retailers Christmas is, however, not something that creeps up on you, it’s the shopping equivalent of the FA Cup final and preparations started at least a year ago. The best leave nothing to chance, driving which clothes will be keeping you warm this winter and ensuring their brand and their products get media exposure. 

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