How can botox and dermal fillers be used to beautify the periorbital area?

The eyes are the window to the soul and reveal the true beauty of the individual. However, there are a number of factors that can compromise the appearance of the orbital show:

1. Heaviness of the brow and/or eyelids
2. Periorbital lines such as crows’ feet or fine lines
3. Tear trough deformity such as sunkendark circles

We can use botox to correct dynamic lines around the eyes such as crows’ feet and it can also help to lift the eyebrow and upper lids.

Botox may also be used in the lower lid to increase the orbital reveal but must be injected cautiously to avoid an excessive scleral show – increased visibility of the white of the eye when the outer corner of the eye drifts downwards.

Dermal fillers may be injected at the base of the tear trough onto the orbital rim to lift the sunken tissue and correct dark circles. This is possible by correcting the volume shift but also by helping to refract light better in the tissue and giving the impression of brighter eyes.

We can also use dermal fillers to enhance brow elevation, particularly in the lateral third, and correct periorbital lines. Treatment of temporal hollowing is also important in supporting the lateral brow and improving skin texture in the eye area.

Dr Raj Acquilla is a UK expert in cosmetic dermatology. Specialising in facial aesthetics and is a speaker at domestic and international meetings. He will be speaking in the Aesthetic Medicine.

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