How to introduce machines into existing manual facials


Professional Beauty magazine speaks to Angela Barbagelata-Fabes, chairman of Carlton Beauty & Spa, a company that manufactures and distributes electrotherapy equipment, specialising in microdermabrasion machines.

Question: How can I introduce machines into my existing manual facials?

Answer: The therapist’s hands and touch are vital components of any beauty treatment and skincare houses do a great job of creating products to suit all treatments and skin types. Nobody would suggest replacing the hands with machines but by using a machine you can enhance manual therapy and offer a more results-driven treatment, which is what more and more clients are asking for nowadays.

For example, using galvanic current aids deep cleansing of the skin, removing surface dead cells and sebum and opening the pores, while blood and lymphatic circulation are also increased. Galvanic current also aids the penetration of products for specific skin types or conditions.

Treatments using microcurrent work on the skin itself but also on the muscles underlying the facial tissue. When we get sagging, un-toned muscle we will get lines and loose, crêpey skin because the skin’s tissue is directly affected. By stimulating and exercising the muscles of the face a tightening, toning effect is produced, which helps the contours of the face to be redefined.

Salons and spas should not be concerned about the addition of electrotherapy to their manual facials because they are simply offering their clients better results in the same treatment time, while also enhancing their own return on investment per treatment.

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