How to price out your treatments

Belinda Price, salon owner based in Huddersfield and trainer for Nubar, gives Professional Beauty readers some tips on how to price their salon treatments.

The way a lot of salons I speak to price a treatment seems to be by researching the price other local salons charge and by charging a similar price or slightly undercutting them. Pricing in this way is quick and easy but many can fall foul of this as it is haphazard and does not account for all aspects of your business.

Based on the cost of the products you stock in your salon, you will need to calculate the cost of product used each treatment that you offer. If you're not sure then ask your distributor, as they are often able to given advice on this.

Then, you should work out how much it costs to run your salon per hour, including your insurance and all running costs, plus any freelance services you might use in your business. This will also help you calculate how much you need to turnover per day. Finally, you’ll need calculate are your staff costs, as this accounts for a sizeable chunk of your expenditure. Don't forget to include things like the cost of holiday pay for your employees and your employers national insurance contributions. These costs combined will give the total cost of running your business, on an hourly basis. Then you’ll need to decide what profit margin you want to aim for, and add that to your basic costs, in order to get your final treatment price.

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