How to use online tools to get more clients to your salon















Our “Ask the Expert” feature in the Professional Beauty magazine talks to Terina Denny, business development and account manager at Skin Geeks, on how to benefit from online tools to get more clients to your salon or clinic.

“As well as the obvious sources such as your website and Twitter and Facebook pages, consider a blog, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube and Instagram.Twitter is my personal favourite of all the social media forums as it enables you to connect witha vast number of people and it’s very easy to engage with press and potential clients (follow your competitors’ followers). It will enable you to hugely lift the profile of your business. Do you get sick of people tweeting and giving status updates on Facebook what feels like every hour about nothing? Then learn how to engage with your audience. Register for KloutScore and this will mean you focus on how well your content is received. Your score has nothing to do with how many followers you have or how often you update online, but simply whether or not you are writing interesting content that readers enjoy and respond to. Also, use social media platforms such as HootSuite to plan your social media in advance. With a personal KloutScore of 57 I am considered an expert in my field and have found that interesting content can include anything from advice about ingredients to quotes from inspirational people. Start discussions with other people and remember it’s all about giving. No one really cares about your opening hours or negative thoughts. It’s your passion that will sell and grow your business. If you do not love what you are doing you could be wasting your time. Your enthusiasm and passion should be contagious to your staff, colleagues and clients, making them want to come back for more.”

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