In the Know: Absolute Aromas

How can explain the benefits of aromatherapy to my clients in a way that is easy to understand? 

Armed with some contrasting aromas and a little explanation, you can easily introduce the beneficial world of aromatherapy to your clients. 

I usually present aromas in the form of pure essential oils or blends, giving them to the client on a tissue and asking them to inhale gently.

I then encourage them to give feedback on how they feel, thereby engaging them in the process and gaining their trust. 

I recommend choosing a few contrasting pure essential oils, such as a citrus oil followed by a floral oil. My personal favourite is sweet orange, since this “sunshine in a bottle” often provokes a cheerful response. 

For the floral fragrance, ylang ylang, lavender or rose are great as these ever-popular de-stress oils help us relax, something we inherently need. 

You can also recommend a more invigorating oil, such as peppermint or eucalyptus. to clear and refresh their senses. This will give the client a physical experience they can relate to, reeling feeling the positive influence of the aromas. 

If you have more time, why not offer your client a taster aromatherapy hand massage, so they can experience the powerful synergy of therapeutic touch and aroma. It only takes five minutes and gives you the opportunity to both explain and demonstrate how certain aromas can have an instant effect on the mood. 

Absolute Aromas

Though the aromas alone are beneficial, the effects of the essential oils increase when they are absorbed directly through the skin – after first being diluted. 

Once absorbed into the blood stream the oils are carried around the body, helping to de-stress, relax muscles, improve circulation, balance hormones, and encourage the elimination of toxins. 

Any facial or body treatment can be enhanced and intensified with the incorporation of aromatherapy. And once they have experienced aromatherapy, most clients will request it as a regular part of their health and beauty regime. 

Tracy Horn is consultant aromatherapist for UK-based aromatherapy oils provider Absolute Aromas. A holistic and clinical aromatherapist, she has been in the industry for more than 15 years and also has a history of managing four and five-star hotel spas in locations including Spain, Mallorca and Cyprus