In the Know: QMS Medicosmetics

What recommendations can I give my clients when it comes to looking after the skin around the eyes – an area many overlook?

Our eyes are one of the first places to show signs of ageing; the skin in this area is different from the rest of the face.

It is thinner and more sensitive, making it more susceptible to environmental exposure, sun damage, fatigue and of course wrinkles. 

To help combat these factors, it is important to both protect the eyes and take targeted action in treating them. Using a specialised eye cream is key from your early 20s onwards.

Caring for your eyes should be part of a daily beauty routine, and prevention is always better than cure.  

A multi-action eye cream can improve the appearance of the skin around the eye, banish dark circles and puffiness and prevent further damage.

The most effective formulations contain key ingredients such as amino peptides, which will help stimulate the formation of collagen, and hyaluronic acid to help strengthen the natural moisture barrier.  

For men this ageing around the eyes can be more noticeable, with the formation of deeper lines and wrinkles – making eye care one of the most important elements of the male grooming regime.  

A final tip for both men and women is to protect your eyes from the sun. Wearing the right sunglasses can, for example, help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 

Sanne van den Broek is head education trainer for QMS Medicosmetics. A trained therapist, Sanne has a BA in health care and has worked with QMS Medicosmetics since 2009. Her role involves training QMS’ international partners and developing the brand’s education protocols at its Germany headquarters