In the Know: Sasy n Savy

I want to add more slimming, firming and detoxifying treatments at my spa. What do I need to be aware of to get them right? 

The main aspects you need to consider when choosing any of these treatments are; the quality of the ingredients used and of the formulations behind the products, as well as the results they can have. 

It’s not just what we put into the body that we should be concerned with, but also what we put on to it.

Approximately 60% of a product applied to the skin is immersed into the bloodstream, so it’s important to truly understand the features and benefits of each individual ingredient.

I have seen the market change dramatically over the years, with a surge in demand for spa treatments and skincare products that use natural ingredients. It was a common assumption for a while that natural ranges were purely for therapeutic purposes and that they couldn’t deliver the same results that a scientific range could.

It was due to this misconception that I created Sasy n Savy; an organic skincare and wellbeing brand with products made from 100% natural ingredients. 

With spring just around the corner, people want to start working on their beach bodies and they want real results, not just quick fixes. Body treatments are the perfect solution to this, so now is the ideal time to introduce body treatment at your spa or salon.

As mentioned initially, the most important aspect to consider when selecting treatments for your spa is the ingredients and the results they can deliver. 

Samea Maakrun is the founder of Sasy n Savy, a natural and organic skincare brand with products exclusively made from herbs, plants and flower extract sourced in Australia. Prior to setting up Sasy n Savy, Maakrun, a qualified accountant, was a consultant for a number of international businesses