Industry responds to bikini waxing on children

The recent tabloid story concerning salons offering bikini wax treatments to children as young as nine has brought up the debate about age-limits on certain treatments such as intimate waxing.

The story, published in the Metro on July 28, reported that Slough-based charity Jeena International, an organisation founded by Rani Bilkhu to help empower women, discovered some salons were happy to book children in for intimate waxing treatments. The investigation revealed that only one in 25 salons refused to carry out the procedure on a minor.

Shah Abdul-Wahid, director of UK operations at Ministry of Waxing, said,  “We feel that this is a worrying new trend and that waxing treatments should not be offered to children under the age of 16. At Ministry of Waxing our minimum age for treatments is 18, and 16 if accompanied by an adult, or with written permission from a parent.”

Commenting on the story on Professional Beauty’s Facebook page, therapist Susie Thomas, said, “That is something I would never do, as a qualified therapist there are moral standards that you have to up hold this is not one of them.” She was part of the consensus that believed there should be an age restriction.

Wax specialist, Kim Lawless, who trains for Perron Rigot, also commented, “It's just plain wrong! I totally understand the negative response that excess hair on young girls can cause, so I back hair removal to avoid low self-esteem or bullying. However, I can't understand why a nine-year-old would even need a bikini wax so who's making that choice?” 

Industry association Babtac has also released a statement regarding the issue of treating minors, and advises its members that it should be done on a case-by-case basis as it could help a child if they have hit puberty early.

Debra Morris, education officer at Babtac, said, “When it comes to treating minors, the responsibility actually lies with the parent or guardian in the case of low-risk, non-invasive treatments.”

She continued: “Treating a minor should never be done just for the sake of it. We would always encourage therapists to suggest other methods of hair removal before turning to waxing.”

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