Is there such a thing as perfect depilation?

Perfect depilation means that all hair is removed leaving the skin healthy without any redness or irritation and future hair growth is under control.

Is it actually possible?

We all know the burning sensation and tender red skin after waxing or the painful procedure of laser treatment.  Also, how hard it is to get rid of those stubborn in- growing or very short hairs!

There are thousands of known, scientifically described factors which influence human hair growth, colour, thickness and length.  There are also many unknown factors so it is not an easy task.

Firstly we need a depilation product which is effective, but also gentle to the skin. PANDHY’S™ solution is patented Depilation Sugar consisting of only glucose and water. Glucose is the molecule present in our bodies, so we can be 100% sure there will be no allergic reactions.

Depilation sugar consisting of the smallest possible molecule size, is the most effective because it penetrates the upper layers of the skin and perfectly surrounds the hair. This enables very short or in-growing hairs to be easily removed.

PANDHY’S™ depilation sugar avoids skin damage because it does not stick to the skin cells. We can be sure that the depilated area has no skin damage and it has been gently exfoliated so the skin is ready for different follow up treatments ie. masks, gentle massage etc.

By regularly performing  PANDHY’S™ Sugar Depilation at the Anagen (active growth) phase we can assure the control of growth can be reached, because there is only a limited number of follicles and  hairs the skin can produce.

From beautician’s point of view, it is important to be sure the material being used for depilation is stable and treatment can be carried out economically. Unique and patented PANDHY’S™ depilation sugar formula ensures the stability of the material and by using the correct technique, the same sugar can be used all over the body.

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