Jazz it up
As Nail Harmony lifts the lid on its new All That Jazz polish line, available at Professional Beauty North, brand manager Jazz Smedley tells PB magazine why it’s filling a market need.
What can we expect from the range? 
It’s aimed at 16-24-year-olds and has 36 animation lacquers, so glitters, shimmers, metallics – not just flat colours. A few are more flat but those still have a unique element. For example, we’ve got a coral that’s almost a shimmer and a blue that’s two-tone. There are also four treatments: a base coat, top coat, matte top coat and glitter top coat, so you won’t be able to feel the glitter on your nail. 
What was the inspiration behind the brand?
We had a lot of salons asking for polish but we wanted to do something different because there are so many polishes already out there. Obviously because of my age [Jazz has just turned 17] I wanted to show that teenagers can do something as well. A lot of professional polishes try to be classy. We’ve still got a classy element but because it’s aimed at a much younger age group than most ranges I wanted it to be really fun too. 
How involved were you in designing and formulating the range?
We [Jazz and her mother, Nail Harmony UK director Georgie Smedley] approached Nail Harmony in America with the idea. We went over to LA to the manufacturers and spent two days in a lab developing the products. They had loads of pigments and we used little tiny pots and brushes and literally made the colour from scratch. It was the quickest two days of my life but I was in my absolute element; it was so much fun. 
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