Lipoglaze Lite: revolutionary non-surgical liposuction treatment now available via a new mobile machine


After the success of Lipoglaze, the revolutionary non-surgical liposuction treatment which kills off fat cells in one 60-minute session, Harley Street Company LoveLite has introduced Lipoglaze Lite, a new portable machine.

LoveLite has seen a 200% increase in sales since the 2012 London Olympic Games, when thousands of women inspired by Jessica Ennis’s super-toned stomach, hit clinics nationwide.

In response to overwhelming demand from the beauty industry, LoveLite has introduced a smaller more mobile machine which is perfect for mobile beauticians and smaller salons who are seeking a cost effective treatment.

It has two-thirds of the power of the original Lipoglaze Cryogenic machine and with a smaller suction head, it can target a number of areas. It’s the perfect treatment for those fatty areas in the tummy, arms, legs, and thighs - with fast results, no scaring and no pain.

Lipoglaze technology works on a principle of freezing fat cells , which causes them to crystallise and permanently destroys up to a third of fatty deposits per session. The body then naturally eliminates this waste tissue over the next few weeks.

Lipoglaze is available from just £8 a day via LoveLite leasing agreements.

For more information on LoveLite and Lipoglaze please call 020 7267 4011.