Live chat with Layla Tourh from The Creative Beauty Group


Professional Beauty: Hello everyone, Welcome to our live chat with Layla Tourh from The Creative Beauty Group. Today we will be talking about this impressive beauty centre and products in preparation for the Professional Beauty London show next month! If you have any question you wish to ask while we chat, feel free to do so !

The Creative Beauty Group: Hi I'm here!!!!! x
TCBG: Right! I'm sat down with a fresh cup of coffee! GO FOR IT! x
PB: Hello Layla, thanks for joining us ! Can you tell us what is the background of the Creative Beauty Group - Gell II and what products do you offer?
TCBG: Ooooh! our background... we actually were a CND distributor, for the best part of 7 years! and we enjoyed the ride for most of it, but like many other CND distributor partners and educators all over the world, we have grown and moved on, we found La Palm! Their refreshing approach coupled with their ongoing innovation have been a breath of fresh air and we are excited to find a brand that shares our ethos and ambition!
PB: Sounds very interesting ! What would you say is the most Creative Beauty Group popular product ? And what do you think makes it so popular?
TCBG: We offer Gel II, Lashnv Lash Lifting system and Exposed spray tan!
TCBG: Gel II™ is VERY popular I have to say ! We thought when CND Shellac came out on the market in 2010 that we would never see a product like that again, or at least for a long time, but boy were we wrong! What do I think makes it popular? The Colour choice is a good start, Gel II™ has over 170 stunning colours, ranging from classic colours to metallics, glitters and even has its very own body temperature changing collection called 'Reactions' and it really does get a great reaction from clients! It's the ombre nail without the mess! Also, the price point, the no need for base coat and then the FIRST cordless reachable lamp - designed for techs on the go! which actually count for just over 60% of the nail techs in the UK!
PB: And what makes these products special over the competition?
TCBG: A number of things, are you sat down? LOL! Well Gel II™ is the first 2-step gel polish system, it has eliminated the need of a base coat, and due to its unique blend that contains micronised calcium within its formulation its a lot kinder to the nail plate, so nail repair systems are not needed either! We all LOVE doing nails but we have to remember why we are creating beautiful enhancements or painting nails for a living, for just that! to make a living! and with Gel II™ 2-step gel polish system the profit margin has never been so good!
TCBG: and may I add, neither have the clients natural nail!
PB: This seems really fabulous! How cost effective are your products when introducing them into a salon?
TCBG: Very! The price point for a bottle of Gel II™ is great! It costs the same price of a bottle of other leading brands but it contains DOUBLE the quantity! It also requires no base coat, and cures in an LED lamp in just 50 seconds a coat, which allows an extra 2 clients a day, so its very cost effective without compromising on quality!
PB: Then Gel II™ seems to be quite unique ! Moreover, do you provide any extra services, advice or training programmes for professionals who use your products in their salons?
TCBG: Absolutely! I think education for any brand is important - especially with a product like Gel II as it is so different to the more 'traditional' gel polishes out there... We have just rolled out our new Education programme with a strong team of newly titled Education Emissaries all over the country; we also have Sales Emissaries who will happily pop into salons and colleges offering a demonstration on any of our brands they like the sound of! Details of our Education can be found here:
PB: Fantastic ! Let's talk now about your presence at the Professional Beauty London show next month! Are you having anything new on your stand to present at the show?
TCBG: Yes! We are launching three very exciting lines, we are launching the new Gel II™ 'Carousel Collection' which are a palette of stunning pastel shades perfect for this time of year and bang on trend; as well as the Gel II limited edition 'Birthday Bash' collection which I think will be VERY popular as we enter the 'bridal' season; and then the Enhancement system 'Skyscraper' - we are really excited about this one! Skyscraper will be showcased at the show by some of our award winning Education Emissaries. With Skyscraper, the sky really is the limit for your clients nails!
PB: Oh this is great! Can't wait to see that! And will you be having any special offers exclusive to the show?
TCBG: We most certainly will - what is a show without show offers! The offers will be revealed at the show though, so you need to come and check us out on stand K30! x
PB: Then we guess these are going to be surprises! Any other plans for the show?
TCBG: Just to get to know our lovely customers really! The show will be the perfect place to meet and greet professionals that we have only had the pleasure in meeting in a way of our closed professional Facebook group, and of course a chance get their nails painted using the new Carousel collection, and to watch Skyscraper, the new Enhancement system in action!
PB: Great ! Tell us about your experience... What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?
TCBG: Introduce a new system slowly slowly, don't feel the need to introduce an entire system overnight, I know a lot of clients are now requesting Gel II by name, and that is great, but we are not going anywhere! so perhaps start introducing colours that you currently do not have or replace your finished bottles that way! Many of our clients have taken Gel II in alongside their existing brand. Their clients dictate the rest! In fact, we start a salon campaign straight after the show called 'Reactions speak louder than words'! this is where salon owners can book some 121 time with our Sales Emissaries to pop along, give demonstrations etc. What Gel II can offer really does sound too good to be true, hence the name, we are very excited about this!
PB: I'm sure this is going to be useful for a lot of persons. And finally, do you have any current news or anything in mind which is taking place at the moment outside of show activities to tell us?
TCBG: Our Education Summit only took place last week! and so the customer care team at head office have been in-undated with education enquiries! TCBG education team are now fully armed to go out there and inspire, educate and support and I am very much looking forward to hearing about the great relationships that our Education Emissaries are going to make with future students. We actually have a video showing snippets of what was a very intense, emotional and very exciting event last week, where all Education Emissaries attended to collect information to go out and support the nail professionals in their area its a great watch!:
PB: Well, thank you so much for speaking with us today Layla ! 
It was a great chat and we can't wait to see you at #ProfessionalBeautyLondonnext month.

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TCBG: THANK YOU! We are very excited... see you there! xx
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